02 October 2008

Vanstone being challenged for Australian visa decision

The former Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Amanda Vanstone is being challenged by an opposition government MP for her decision to allow an alleged criminal stay in the country.

In November 2005, Ms Vanstone vetoed a decision to deport mafia-connected Francesco Madafferi and granted him a visa for Australia.  Four months later, Ms Vanstone’s decision was queried by MP Mal Brough and his constituents. 

Now the Ambassador to Italy, Ms Vanstone has had to face accusations that Madafferi’s $10,000 contribution to the Liberal Party was an indirect payment for an Australian spouse visa

Mr Madafferi had previously been refused the right to an Australian visa because of his involvement in Italian crime and his status as an illegal immigrant in Australia.  He had also been arrested last week for involvement in a major drug trade.  According to The Age, the deportation was refused on the grounds of mental health.

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Article by Jessica Bird, Australian Visa Bureau.

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