02 June 2008

Sydney's population set to grow as Australian visa holders move in

Sydney's population is set to grow by one million people, which, according to the website scopical.com, is partly due to increasing numbers of immigration to Australia.

The city’s population is predicted to expand over the next 13 years, rising from around four million people, to reach more than five million by 2013.

Scopical.com has contributed this rise in population to the Australian government’s immigration policy, which now allows around 190,000 migrants per year to settle in Australia. The Government says this new approach to immigration (approving higher numbers of Australian Skilled visas) is crucial to fill skills shortages across Queensland and Western Australia.

Although the immigration policy on skilled migrants will reap economic rewards for Australia, Sydney may become a more costly place to live. The website reports 30,000 people leave each year to move to other states for lifestyle choices. LiveNews.com reports the city is the resting spot for around a third of people with Australian visas. It was recently reported that Sydney business owners were finding it difficult to fill positions and were increasingly looking to Australian immigration to fill vacancies, particularly within the hospitality and retail industries.

Australia needs skilled workers: Anyone applying for an Australian visa should begin by completing the Australian Visa Bureau's online Australian visa application to see if they meet the Australian visa requirements.

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