02 June 2008

Over two million people chose UK immigration in the past 16 years

New figures have shown more than two million people migrated to the UK in the last 16 years. According to Migrationwatch, government figures show that from 1991 to 2006, around 2.3 million people chose to move to the UK.

Contrary to popular belief, people engaged in UK immigration were not primarily from Eastern Europe, with only eight per cent coming from the region. These figures, according to the Work Foundation, are below the necessary level to enable the country to prosper at sustainable levels.

The foundation has warned against companies that do not support immigration, saying such attitudes could stop companies utilising immigration to the UK. The UK Border Agency said changes soon to be introduced to the UK immigration policies would alter the system. The agency told the Press Association: "The Australian style Points-Based System will cover six out of every ten migrants wanting to come to the UK. Other measures include a single border force to guard our ports and compulsory ID cards for foreign nationals."

Anyone interested in getting a better understanding of their current position under UK visa regulations should request a call from a qualified UK Visa Bureau migration consultant to see if they are eligible for migration to the UK, or call direct on Freephone 0800 043 7011. Alternatively, HSMP visa hopefuls should try taking the HSMP online assessment.

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