03 June 2008

British immigrants to Australia reap the rewards

An analysis of migration reveals the number of British immigrants to Australia and New Zealand far outweighs the number of Australian and New Zealand immigrants to Britain. Meanwhile, the Australian government announces yet another budget surplus in New South Wales, making this the thirteenth surplus in a row.

Migrationwatch, a migration analysis company, studied the flow of migration in Britain between 1991 and 2006.  Their analysis revealed, according to MailOnline, there were only five countries that accepted more UK immigrants than emigrants to the UK, and that Australia and New Zealand were amongst these. 


Australia, with a net gain of 212,000 British immigrants during this 15 year period, accepted more settlers from the UK than New Zealand (44,000 people).  Now, with the recent announcement that the New South Wales government is swimming in another budget surplus, these immigration figures would be expected to climb.


According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the New South Wales government will spend a record $57.6 billion (£28.1 billion) on social and economic infrastructure and also cut taxes.  They said, the surplus is a reflection of the sustained growth of the Australian economy, and the property market in Australia is proving stronger than in the US and Britain. 


With this comes the announcement yesterday that the Australian government will be investing $34 million in the Settlement Grants Program, which is designed to facilitate the smooth integration of immigrants into the Australian lifestyle.  The Government has also recently increased its yearly quota for immigrants to 190,000, and puts particular emphasis on skilled emigration to Australia from the United Kingdom.


Australia needs skilled workers: anyone interested in migrating to Australia should complete an online assessment to see if they qualify for skilled migration to Australia.

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