02 February 2011

Australia Visa holders affected by unrest in Egypt urged to contact DIAC

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Egyptian nationals in Australia on temporary visas that may be close to expiring are urged to contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) as soon as possibl

Australia visas

Egyptians in Australia with visas that will expire shortly are urged to contact the immigration department.

DIAC will take the circumstances in Egypt into account when dealing with requests for Australia Visa extensions, Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Chris Bowen said.

'My department will consider – on a case by case basis – the options for Egyptians in Australia whose visas to remain here are about to run out,' the minister said.

Australian citizens in Egypt should also contact DIAC immediately if they wish to travel to Australia with their children if those children are not Australian citizens.

“Australian citizen parents located in Egypt who have children born overseas who have not applied for, or been approved for Australian citizenship by descent should contact DIAC to discuss the most appropriate way for their children to travel to Australia,” Mr Bowen said.

DIAC will also look at extending the validity of time–limited requirements for visa applicants located in Egypt if the assessment of an application has been delayed by events there.

Ongoing unrest in Egypt has forced the temporary closure of the DIAC office in Cairo, but calls to the Cairo office number have been re–directed to other DIAC offices in the region, Mr Bowen said.

The temporary closure of the DIAC office in the Egyptian capital will cause some disruption to services in the region but that is unavoidable given the serious nature of the unrest.

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