01 September 2008

Indian students pride themselves on abiding by Aus immigration rules

Indian students make up the second largest group of international students in Australia, and can also boast a high rate of compliance for visa conditions, reports the Times of India.

"The number speaks for itself. Indian students have a high visa compliance rate and they are a very important part of the Australia's $12.5 billion education export industry," a spokesperson for the Department of Immigration and Citizenship told reporters. 

Of the 47,639 Australian student visas granted to Indians during 2006-07, almost 6,000 were granted permanent residency visas.

According to RTT news, more than 300 foreign students in Australia have been found breaching the conditions of their visa over the past three years and have been penalised by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).

The students on an Australian student visa were found breaching Australian immigration laws and were put into detention centres in Sydney and Melbourne before being deported.

The majority of the detainees were from Malaysia, China, Sri Lanka and Indonesia, who either overstayed their visas, did not attend their classes, failed their courses, or worked illegally.

According to the Times of India, of the 63,500 Indian students studying in Australian universities and educational institutions, only 16 have breached their visa conditions over the past three years.

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Article by Jessica Bird, Australian Visa Bureau.

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