01 July 2010

Australia Visa levels will be guided by Australia’s needs, says immigration minister

The level of Australia Visa and immigration will be guided by Australia’s needs and to ensure the Australian economy, the Australian Immigration minister has said.

“The government is committed to ongoing forward-planning and reform to ensure immigration levels are guided by Australia’s needs and not by the desire of prospective migrants to come to Australia,” Senator Chris Evans said.

“Prime Minister Gillard has already articulated her vision for a sustainable population – one that supports our environment and our renewable resources and that is in turn supported by proper resources and infrastructure.”

The latest statistics confirm Australia’s net overseas migration (NOM) level will drop by about 20 per cent by the end of the financial year in response to government reforms to Australia Visa requirements and economic conditions.

Based on current Australia Visa application numbers, the level of NOM will be between 230 000 and 250 000 people by the end of the financial year.

Senator Evans said net overseas migration began to climb and get out of control under the previous government, as a result of its decision to open up pathways for temporary residents such as students to remain in Australia permanently.

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