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Engineers: Institution of Engineers Australia (IEA)

If you intend to apply for migration to Australia under one of the General Skilled Migration categories, you must have a nominated occupation which is on the Skilled Occupations List at the time you apply. In order to make a valid application, you must have obtained a skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority for your nominated occupation.

IEA is the assessing authority for the following occupations:

Professional Engineer

Academic qualification is a 4 year bachelor of engineering degree gained after 12 years of schooling, or equivalent.

The Professional Engineer:

Engineering Technologist

Academic qualification is a 3 year bachelor of engineering technology degree gained after 12 years of schooling, or equivalent.

The Engineering Technologist:

Engineering Associate

Academic qualification is a 2 year diploma of engineering gained after 12 years of schooling, or equivalent.

The Engineering Associate:


You must meet the following requirements before proceeding with your application for assessment of your qualifications:

Recognition of Qualifications

There are 2 pathways to recognition of your engineering qualifications:

  1. The Washington Accord; or
  2. Submission of a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR).

The Washington Accord

The Washington Accord is an agreement between the engineering accreditation bodies, listed below, to recognise as substantially equivalent the professional engineering degrees delivered in those countries. The Accord applies only to accreditations conducted by the signatories within their respective national or territorial boundaries.

The Australia Institution of Engineers is a signatory of the Accord.

Note: The Accord only applies to professional engineering degrees accredited and delivered in the signatory countries.

The Accord does not apply to:

Your qualifications will be checked with the relevant Washington Accord accreditation body. If your qualifications are not accredited under the Washington Accord, you will be required to submit a Competency Demonstration Report.

Competency Demonstration Report

The Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) provides you with the opportunity to establish that your engineering knowledge and competencies are equivalent to those of the appropriate occupational category within the engineering team in Australia.