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Other Personal Service Workers

You have selected Other Personal Service Workers, here are the occupations listed in that category. Click on the occupation that most closely matches your occupation to see the job description and tasks associated with that occupation. You will need a visa allowing you to work if you are interested in working in your selected occupation in Australia. You can check your eligibility for a temporary Working Holiday visa on this website, as well as check your points score for emigration to Australia.

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Automobile Drivers nec job Australia
  • This occupation group covers Automobile Drivers not elsewhere classified.
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Body Artist job Australia
  • Decorates, adorns or modifies the human body either permanently or temporarily by using a range of techniques such as tattooing by inserting ink under layers of skin, painting or dyeing the skin; piercing by implanting jewellery and other bio-compatible material in or under the skin; and modification by cutting, branding, manipulating, stretching and scarring to change the shape of or create patterns in the skin, using scalpel, heat and restraining techniques.
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Carpet Cleaner job Australia
  • Cleans carpets, rugs and furniture upholstery using powder, liquid and steam cleaning methods, and applies soil-repellent chemicals and deodorants.
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Chauffeur job Australia
  • Drives a limousine, van or private car to transport passengers to destinations on a fee-for-service basis, usually on a long-term hiring arrangement.
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Civil Celebrant job Australia
  • Conducts civil marriage ceremonies, funerals, commitment ceremonies, namings and other ceremonies, and maintains appropriate records.
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Cleaners nec job Australia
  • This occupation group covers Cleaners not elsewhere classified.
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Commercial Housekeeper job Australia
  • Cleans, vacuums and mops floors, makes beds, and restocks mini bars and bathroom supplies in hotel and motel rooms and other commercial premises.
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Drycleaner job Australia
  • Cleans clothing, garments, upholstery and other fabrics using drycleaning agents and machines.
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Domestic Cleaner job Australia
  • Cleans and tidies private dwellings such as houses, units, flats, apartments and townhouseses.
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Domestic Housekeeper job Australia
  • Cleans, cooks and performs other housekeeping tasks in private residences.
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First Aid Trainer job Australia
  • Conducts first aid training courses in a variety of settings to a range of clients including corporate clients, school students, community groups and other members of the public.
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Funeral Director  job Australia
  • Plans and coordinates arrangements for funerals according to the wishes of the deceased or their relatives.
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Funeral Workers nec job Australia
  • This occupation group covers Funeral Workers not elsewhere classified.
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Hair or Beauty Salon Assistant job Australia
  • Assists Hairdressers or Beauty Therapists by performing routine tasks in a hairdressing or beauty salon.
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Hair or Beauty Salon Manager  job Australia
  • Organises and controls the operations of a hairdressing or beauty salon.
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Herbalist (Western) job Australia
  • Utilises plants and plant based material to create medicines to help prevent or treat various illnesses.
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Ironer or Presser job Australia
  • Irons or presses garments and other fabrics, such as delicate and formal wear, in a commercial laundry or private residence.
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Laundry Worker (General) job Australia
  • Sorts, cleans, irons, folds and packages linen, clothing and other garments in a commercial laundry.
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Personal Service Workers nec job Australia
  • This occupation group covers Personal Service Workers not elsewhere classified.
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Religious Assistant job Australia
  • Supports Ministers of Religion or a religious community in performing a variety of religious functions associated with the practise of a religion, including worship, spiritual guidance, pastoral care and teaching.
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Sex Worker or Escort job Australia
  • Provides clients with sexual services or social companionship.
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Taxi Driver job Australia
  • Drives a taxi to transport passengers to destinations on a fee-for-service basis, usually on a short-term, metered fare hiring arrangement.
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Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner job Australia
  • Treats imbalances of energy flows through the body by assessing the whole person and using techniques and methods such as acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, massage, diet, exercise and breathing therapy.
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Weight Loss Consultant job Australia
  • Assists clients with advice and practical solutions for losing weight or body fat.
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