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Building & Construction

You have selected Building & Construction , here are the occupations listed in that category. Click on the occupation that most closely matches your occupation to see the job description and tasks associated with that occupation. You will need a visa allowing you to work if you are interested in working in your selected occupation in Australia. You can check your eligibility for a temporary Working Holiday visa on this website, as well as check your points score for emigration to Australia.

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Boatbuilder Australia
  • Builds, repairs or modifies boats.
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Bricklaying jobs Australia
  • Lays bricks, pre-cut stone and other types of building blocks in mortar to construct and repair walls, partitions, arches and other structures.
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Building Associate Australia
  • Assists in the planning and organisation of material and human resources used in the construction and maintenance of buildings.
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Building Inspector Australia
  • Inspects buildings to ensure compliance with laws and regulations and advises on building requirements.
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Building Insulation Installer job Australia
  • Installs and applies insulating material, such as foam, granules, foil, solar film, batts and blankets, to walls, floors, windows and ceilings of buildings to insulate against heat, cold, air, sound and moisture.
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Builder's Labourer job Australia
  • Performs routine tasks in erecting and repairing structures and facilities on building and construction sites and in factories producing prefabricated building components.
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Bulldozer Operator job Australia
  • Operates a bulldozer using blades and other attachments to gouge out, level and move materials in construction, forestry, mining and other projects.
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Cement Production Plant Operator Australia
  • Operates plant to produce cement, lime and clinker.
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Concrete Batching Plant Operator Australia
  • Operates mixing plant to produce batches of concrete from cement, sand, aggregate, water and other ingredients.
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Concrete Products Machine Operator job Australia
  • Operates machines to manufacture moulded concrete products such as cement pipes and fittings, concrete railway sleepers, concrete bricks, tiles and paving blocks, structural beams, building panels and cast products.
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Concrete Pump Operator
  • Operates plant to pump, cast and mould concrete.
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Concreter job Australia
  • Pours, spreads, smoothes and finishes concrete for structures such as floors, stairs, ramps, footpaths and bridges.
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Construction Estimator Australia
  • Prepares and delivers estimates and cost plans for construction projects up to the tender settlement stage.
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Construction Project Manager Australia
  • Manages the construction of buildings and other structures and organises the physical and human resources involved in the construction process.
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Construction Rigger job Australia
  • Assembles and installs rigging gear, such as cables, ropes, pulleys and winches, to lift, lower, move and position equipment, structural steel and other heavy objects.
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Crane Chaser job Australia
  • Slings cranes and winches, and directs the movement of loads ensuring loads do not exceed lifting capacities.
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Crane, Hoist or Lift Operator Australia
  • Operates stationary and mobile cranes, hoists, lifts and winches to lift, move and place materials, equipment and people in areas such as building sites, factories, mines, sawmills, wharves and shipyards.
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Earthmoving Labourer job Australia
  • Performs routine tasks in excavating earth, clearing and levelling sites, and digging irrigation channels.
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Excavator Operator Australia
  • Operates heavy excavation plant to excavate, move and load earth, rock and rubble.
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Grader Operator job Australia
  • Operates a grader to spread and level materials in construction projects.
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Home Improvement Installer job Australia
  • Installs functional and decorative home improvements such as awnings, curtains, blinds, security screens, garage doors, exterior cladding, shower screens and prefabricated windows and doors.
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Linemarker job Australia
  • Operates plant to apply markings to roads and other surfaces such as car parks, airports and sportsgrounds.
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Loader Operator job Australia
  • Operates a motorised loader to move and load soil, rock and other material.
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Paving and Surfacing Labourer job Australia
  • Performs routine tasks associated in laying bituminous and other paving materials on roads, runways, parking areas and other surfaces to be paved.
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Paving Plant Operator job Australia
  • Operates plant to spread and level hot bituminous paving materials and lay concrete on areas such as highways, roads and car parks.
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Plumber's Assistant job Australia
  • Performs routine tasks in fabricating, laying, installing and maintaining pipes, fixtures, water meters and regulators.
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Project Builder Australia
  • Manages the construction of dwellings and other buildings.
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Railway Track Plant Operator job Australia
  • Operates plant to lay, align, repair and maintain railway tracks.
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Road Roller Operator job Australia
  • Operates a power-driven roller to prepare surfaces for roads, runways and car parks.
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Scaffolder Australia
  • Erects and dismantles scaffolding to provide work platforms on building and industrial sites, and for temporary structures such as staging and seating.
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Shipwright Australia
  • Constructs, fits out and repairs ships.
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Structural Steel Erector Australia
  • Erects and dismantles structural steel frames of buildings and other structures.
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Suverying or Spatial Science Technician Australia
  • Collects, records and evaluates spatial information and prepares databases, maps, charts and plans in support of Surveyors, Cartographers or Other Spatial Scientists. Registration or licensing may be required.
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Steel Fixer Australia
  • Positions and secures steel bars and steel mesh in concrete forms to reinforce concrete structures.
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