29 November 2010

US Embassy corrects visa procedure for Tibetans

The US Embassy in Kathmandu has changed visa procedure for Tibetan refugees after a complaint by the Nepalese government.

US Visa

The US Embassy has changed its visa processes after complaints from the Nepalese government.

Previously, the US Embassy identified Tibetan refugees as 'Nepalese' in the citizenship section while issuing them visas based on travel documents issued by the foreign ministry of Nepal.

Nepal objected to its system of documenting Tibetan Refugees as Nepalese citizens, and Home minister Bhim Rawal requested US government rectify the procedure during the visit of an assistant secretary of state of US about three months ago.

The foreign ministry in Nepal issues travel documents to Tibetan refugees, who have been officially registered as refugees, if they want to go abroad. Tibetan refugees are then able to use these Nepal travel documents to apply for a US Visa.

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