29 September 2010

India keen to prevent US Visa concerns spoiling Obama visit

India has expressed concerns on issues like the US Visa fee hike and the outsourcing ban, but is keen not to let the disagreements overshadow President Barack Obama's visit to India, the Indian Foreign Secretary said.

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Concerns about US Visa issues will not hinder Obama's visit to India, the foreign Secretary has said.

Nirupama Rao said the sum of the relationship is great than its parts and what we have is growing strategic dialogue and a partnership between India and the US.
“Our concerns have been raised and we have spoken our views about the risks inherent in protectionist trends that often detract from the positive impulses of cooperation in trade and economic interaction between the two countries,” said Rao.

“The sentiment was understood by the US side. They were agreeable to the fact that we need to discuss these issues and try and resolve them,” she said.

Rao met with External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna and his counterpart Hillary Clinton t o discuss a range of issues but focusing on preparations for Obama’s visit to the country later this year.
Rao said and both Clinton and Krishna expressed satisfaction on the state of preparation and it was overall a very warm and focused meeting.

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