27 April 2011

US Visa process simplified for Ukrainian travellers

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has said that the US visa process will be 'unilaterally simplified' for Ukrainians, and any Ukraine citizens who obtained US visas within the last year will now not need to be interviewed to obtain them again.

US Visa

The US visa process will be 'unilaterally simplified' for Ukrainian travellers.

The report comes from Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Oleksandr Dykusarov.

He held a briefing on Wednesday to announce that, in order to implement the agreements reached after the third session of the United States-Ukraine Commission on Strategic Partnership, the heads of the consular services of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and the US Embassy held a working a meeting at the Foreign Ministry on April 7, 2011.

Speaking on the changes, Dykusarov said: "In the context of the further liberalisation of the visa regime and the deepening of interpersonal contacts, the US side has announced its unilateral decision to cancel from April 20 this year for the citizens of Ukraine who have already received US visas in the last 12 months the need to have an interview during further applications for several types of visas."

Dykusarov also commented on the numbers of travellers the announcement would affect, saying that according to current statistics, "more than 10% of the total number of potential applicants" would qualify.

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