26 January 2011

US Embassy in Uganda issues travel warning

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The US Embassy in Uganda has issued a warning to American citizens in the African nation about the possibility of attacks on American interests in the coming months.

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The US Embassy has issued a warning that there is a strong chance of terrorist attacks in Uganda.

"We are particularly concerned about the month of February," the US Embassy in the capital Kampala said.

The US Embassy advises all American citizens to avoid large, public gatherings, particularly situations with large numbers of westerners and/or no visible security presence.

US citizens are urged to report any suspicious activity by calling 999 and keeping a charged cell phone at all times.

More than 70 people died on July 11, 2010 after the bombing of a restaurant and a rugby ground in Kampala as patrons gathered to watch the World Cup final. Somalia-based al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for these attacks.

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