17 March 2008

Mining industry wage boom could encourage US immigration

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Wages in the US and Canadian mining industries have rocketed over the past three years as companies attempt to deal with the skills shortage. The increases will come as good news for skilled workers in these industries who are considering US immigration. According to the US Department of Labor, the number of jobs which are open to geologists will rise 22 per cent by 2016.

Tye Burt, chief executive officer of Kinross Gold Corp, said: "There is huge demand for skilled engineers, geologists, pipe fitters, welders, technical people, right across the natural resources industry." He added that workers are "enjoying high wages" in the industry at the moment and it is "hard to see that changing soon". It has also been revealed that in Canada there will be around 1,200 geology graduates to fill 9,000 positions this year.

In related news, Bill Gates recently called for the US government to boost US immigration by allowing more foreign workers enter the country.

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