17 June 2010

Controversial US immigration law sees Sacramento boycott Arizona companies

On Tuesday night, the Sacramento City Council placed economic sanctions on Arizona companies in response to controversial new immigration laws introduced by that state.

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Sacramento will boycot Arizona over its contriversial new US immigration laws.

The controversial new immigration law introduced in Arizona that allows local police to check the US immigration status of any suspect who they stop, detain or arrest, has been criticised for potential racial profiling. 

The council voted 6-1 in favour of the sanctions, which are similar to actions passed by other Californian cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and Oakland.
The sanctions mean city workers will be unable to attend conferences in Arizona at taxpayers’ expense, a council boycott of companies based in Arizona where practical, as well as the potential cancelling of current contracts with Arizona firms.

Los Angeles, the largest city to boycott Arizona and the second-largest city in America, voted 13-1 in May to cease conducting business with the state unless the law is repealed.

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