10 November 2011

International pressure mounts over US illegal immigration law

An alliance of sixteen nations has backed the US Federal Government in bringing legal action against South Carolina for its implementation of a tough anti-illegal-immigration law.

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An alliance of sixteen nations has supported the Obama Administration's litigation against South Carolina.

The Governments of sixteen nations, hailing largely from Latin America and the Caribbean, have joined the Obama Administration in condemning the approach to border protection taken by the state of South Carolina.

Citing concern for their citizens living in the US as the key reason behind their interest, the nations have asked the US Justice Department to koin in the litigation against the South Carolina Government.

The law, introduced earlier this year, allows random US visa and immigration status checks by police and border patrol authorities. Critics argue that the law sets a precedent fo racial profiling and potential discrimination.

The Justice Department has taken legal action as it maintains that constitutionally, immigration policy comes under the policy jurisdiction of the federal government.

The group of sixteen nations includes Mexico, Honduras, Brazil, Ecuador and Chile. 

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