09 January 2008

Powerful demand for US immigration reform by business leaders

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The US Chamber of Commerce has this week called for the government to solve the American immigration dilemma in a way that meets the needs of the economy. "It's time for comprehensive immigration reform that protects our borders and secures the talent we must have to run a growing economy," demanded chief executive Thomas Donohue.

Mr Donohue was speaking in Washington to the State of American Business Conference and continued: "We have 77 million baby boomers on the verge of retirement, severe shortages of scientists, engineers and technology workers, and crops rotting in the fields - because there's no one available to harvest them."

He called the failure so far of the US Congress to approve American immigration reform as "unacceptable". The labour shortage, especially in the agricultural and technology industries, will have a significant impact on the US economy, he explained. However, he acknowledged that comprehensive American immigration reform is unlikely to be passed until next year.

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