01 March 2011

United States ranked in top ten for visa and immigration policies

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A new study that reviews and ranks international immigration policies has placed the United States in ninth place out of 31 countries.

US Visa

US Visa and immigration policies are amongst the top ten in the world, a new index has shown.

The Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX) contrasts and compares integration policies for legal immigrants across countries in Europe and North America.  

The index uses 148 policy indicators to provide a reference guide and an interactive online tool to help policymakers, advocates and researchers assess and compare integration policies around the globe.

The policy indicators are divided into seven categories: employment opportunities, family reunion, education, political participation, long-term residence, access to citizenship and anti-discrimination. Countries include all 27 EU member states, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, and the US.

Overall the US Visa policies ranked ninth in terms of integration, and first in terms of its strong anti-discrimination laws and protections. The US also ranked high on the access to citizenship because it encourages newcomers to become citizens in order to fully participate in American public life. Several US states are also taking the lead on immigrant integration by providing offices dedicated to welcoming newcomers.

On the downside, complex immigration laws, limited US Visa ability, high fees, and long backlogs may make it challenging for immigrants to integrate in the US.

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